TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (136)

138. Your database is configured in shared server mode. However, your senior DBA asks you to modify the value of the PRIVATE_SGA limit in the profile of the users. What could be the reason for this? A.to limit the User Global Area (UGA) memory allocated to a session from the SGA B.to limit the amount […]

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (135)

137. Your database instance is currently configured to support 1,500 connections. The Web application that uses the database allows a large number of users to work with the database simultaneously. Some users of the Web application do not interact with the server all the time. You want to increase the scalability by configuring the database […]

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136. You have two database servers SEMP and SACCT. The database in the SEMP server maintains the employee information and the database in the SACCT server maintains the accounts payable information. The employees submit the expense reports to the accounts payable department. A user of the accounts payable database wants to extract the employee information […]

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (133)

135. In which situation would you use static database registration for a listener? A.when multiple databases are to be registered with the listener B.when DBAs need to connect remotely to start up the database instance C.when users need to connect the database instance using the host naming method D.when the database instance that is to […]

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (132)

134. View the Exhibit and examine the output.   Which two statements are true regarding the LISTENER2 listener? (Choose two.) A.The ORCL instance is registered dynamically with the listener. B.The ORCL instance is registered statically in the listener.ora file. C.The number of current client connections handled by the service handler is two. D.The total number […]

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (131)

133. Your database is open and the LISTENER listener is running. The new DBA of the system stops the listener by using the command: LSNRCTL> STOP What happens to the sessions that are presently connected to the database instance? A.The sessions are able to perform only queries. B.The sessions are not affected and continue to […]

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132. The tnsnames.ora file has an entry for the service alias ORCL as follows: ORCL = ( DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521)) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVER = DEDICATED) (SERVICE_NAME = orcl.oracle.com) ) ) The TNSPING command executes successfully when tested with ORCL, but you are not able to Continue reading

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (129)

131. Which naming method uses the tnsnames.ora file to store the connect descriptor used by the client while connecting to the database instance from a remote machine? A.host naming method B.local naming method C.external naming method D.directory naming method Answer: B 高い品質と高価値 1Z0-052 試験の解答 TestPassPort 実践試験の 11g 1Z0-052 は最も標準的な技術を正確的に書き入れ、認証した専門家と作者の出版した新製品だけを使います. 一回だけで成功することを保証します. 11g 1Z0-052(Oracle Database 11g: Administrator […]

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130. Session Initiated Protocol is used to replace what? A.Gateways B.Ethernet Routers C.Multipoint Conferencing (Control) Unit D.Analog Telephone Option E.Gatekeeper Answer: E 高い品質と高価値 1Z0-052 試験の解答 TestPassPort 実践試験の 11g 1Z0-052 は最も標準的な技術を正確的に書き入れ、認証した専門家と作者の出版した新製品だけを使います. 一回だけで成功することを保証します. 11g 1Z0-052(Oracle Database 11g: Administrator I : 1z1-052 Exam)仕入れのご費用を全額返して、そして無料で同価値の製品を郵送します. 印刷可能試験(PDFフォーマット)試験 1Z0-052 調合の材料はすべての必要とする 11g を提供することができます. 専門認証の専門家達は業界経験を利用して精確に合理的な 11g 認証を生産しています. ウェブサイトあるいは書籍から 1Z0-052 試験問題を獲得することができるかもしれなくて、しかし論理は肝心な点です. 私達の製品を利用して、一回だけで 11g を受かることができます. その上またあなたの大切な時間を節約します. […]

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129. A database user SMITH tries to query the V$SESSION view and fails to access it as follows: SQL> connect smith/smith Connected. SQL> SELECT * FROM v$session; SELECT * FROM v$session * ERROR at line 1: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist Which are the two possible solutions to enable SMITH to query the […]