TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (89)

90. Which two activities are NOT supported by the Data Recovery Advisor (DRA)? (Choose two.) A.Recover from failures in the RAC environment. B.Diagnose and repair a data file corruption online. C.Diagnose and repair a data file corruption offline. D.Diagnose and repair failures on a standby database. Answer: AD Continue reading

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (88)

89. Which two kinds of failures make the Data Recovery Advisor (DRA) generate a manual checklist? (Choose two.) A.failure when no standby database is configured B.failure because a data file is renamed accidentally C.failure that requires no archive logs to be applied for recovery D.failure due to loss of connectivity-for example, an unplugged Continue reading

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (87)

88. Identify two situations in which you can use Data Recovery Advisor for recovery. (Choose two.) A.The database files are corrupted when the database is open. B.The user has dropped an important table that needs to be recovered. C.The archived redo log files are missing for which the backup is not available. D.The Continue reading

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (86)

87. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database running in ARCHIVELOG mode. The Flash Recovery Area is specified as the destination for the archived redo log files. You notice this warning in the alert log file: ORA-19815: WARNING: db_recovery_file_dest_size of 3221225472 bytes is 100.00% used, and has 0 remaining bytes available. What would you […]

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (84)

85. You want to configure and schedule offline database backups to run automatically. Which tool or utility would you use to achieve this? A.the XML script B.the PL/SQL script C.the DBMS_SCHEDULER package D.Enterprise Manager to schedule the backup Answer: D Continue reading

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (83)

84. Which two files in the database can be configured for automatic backups by using the autobackup feature in Recovery Manager (RMAN)? (Choose two.) A.data files B.control files C.parameter file D.online redo log files E.server parameter file Answer: BE 高い品質と高価値 1Z0-052 試験の解答 TestPassPort 実践試験の 11g 1Z0-052 は最も標準的な技術を正確的に書き入れ、認証した専門家と作者の出版した新製品だけを使います. 一回だけで成功することを保証します. 11g 1Z0-052(Oracle Database 11g: Administrator I : […]

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (82)

83. You are using Enterprise Manager to schedule backups for your database. Which type of script would be generated by the backup scheduler? A.XML script B.PL/SQL script C.Operating system script D.Recovery Manager (RMAN) script Answer: D 高い品質と高価値 1Z0-052 試験の解答 TestPassPort 実践試験の 11g 1Z0-052 は最も標準的な技術を正確的に書き入れ、認証した専門家と作者の出版した新製品だけを使います Continue reading

TestPassPort 1z0-052 試験Q&A (81)

82. You are managing an Oracle Database 11g database with the following backup strategy: 1) On Sunday, an incremental level 0 tape backup is performed. 2) Monday through Saturday, a cumulative incremental level 1 tape backup is performed. Which two statements are true regarding the backups performed? (Choose two.) A.The backup performed in Continue reading