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試験番号: 1Z0-334
試験名: Oracle Financials Cloud: Payables 2016 Implementation Essentials (Retiring February 28th, 2018)
試験時間:120 minutes
出題数: 73
Beta exam scores will be available in CertView approximately March 4, 2016.
出題形式:Multiple Choice
受験料(税抜き): 26600 円

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1Z0-334試験は2018年2月28日に廃止される予定です。この日以降、この試験を受験することはできなくなります。 1Z0-961 Oracle Financials Cloud:Payables 2017 Implementation Essentials。最新の製品機能をカバーする最新の試験を受験することをお勧めします。


General Set Up

Describe the Functional Setup Manager
Describe configuration packages
Create an implementation project
Explain how to use reports to validate setup data
Create Users and Roles

Explain how to use standard invoices
Explain the Integrated Imaging Solution
Create an invoice using a spreadsheet
Explain iSupplier Invoices
Approve Invoices
Manage supplier information

Explain how to create a single payment
Execute a Payment Process Request
Void a payment
Explain Bank Reconciliations
Customize Payment Formats
Set up Fusion Payments for disbursement
Fusion Expenses

Enter expense reports
Approve expense reports
Process expense reimbursements
Manage Corporate Cards
Audit Expense Reports
Set up Fusion Expenses

Explain how to design and use various reporting tools
Explain Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)
Use Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP) Reports
Use the Payables to Ledger Reconciliation Report
Process intercompany reconciliations
Other Fusion Payables Topics

Describe the invoice and payment dashboards
Process Income Tax and Withholding tax calculations
Create Accounting Entries
Explain the Close process
Configure Fusion Payables Setups
Configure Business Units

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正常のOracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud 1Z0-334試験に参加するあなたの最初の時間を渡すことができます。
最高のOracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud 1Z0-334試験問題集を提供して差し上げて、顧客のために1年間の無料更新サービスを提供します。
Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud 1Z0-334無料サンプルをご参照ください

1.You are resolving payment validation errors during the payment build process. Which two actions can
you perform to resolve these errors?
A. Run the create accounting program.
B. Run the invoice validation program.
C. Remove the documents or payments causing the error and resume the payment process.
D. Correct the setup errors for remittance bank accounts, third party payees, payment methods, or
payment formats and submit resume payment process.
E. Terminate the payment process request.
Answer: C,D
Using the Resolve Document Validation Errors Page, you may review the errors and takeaction. You may
fix related data, such as third party payee information, and submit the documents for revalidation. You
may also remove documents from the Payment Process Request, which sends the documents back to
the source product with the validation failure reason, just as rejection does.

2.Which two statements are true related to configuration package?
A. You can export and import the allocation rules from the allocation manager.
B. You can export and import selected business units.
C. You can export and import the approval rules from the approval management engine.
D. You can export and import selected business object services.
E. You can export and import the custom roles from Oracle Identity Manager.
Answer: D,E
D: A Configuration Package contains the setup import and export definition. The setup import and export
definition is the list of setup tasks and their associated business objects that identifies the setup data for
export as well as the data itself.
E: Oracle Identity Management maintains Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) user accounts
for users ofOracle Fusion Applications. Oracle Identity Management also stores thedefinitions of abstract,
job, and data roles, and holds information about roles provisioned to users.
Most changes to user and role information are shared automatically by Oracle Applications Cloud and
Oracle Identity Management. No action is necessary to make this exchange of information happen.
However, you must run the processes Send Pending LDAP Requests and Retrieve Latest LDAP Changes
to manage some types of information exchangebetween Oracle Applications Cloud and Oracle Identity

3.You have two business units, Vision Operations and Vision Services. How can you enable expense
auditors to audit expense reports for specific business units?
A. Use segment valuesecurity rules to secure access to business units.
B. Assign the Expense Auditor Vision Operations and Expense Auditor Vision Services data roles to each
Expense Auditor.
C. Assign the Expense Auditor as the owner of each business unit.
D. Assign the Expense Auditor job roles to each auditor.
Answer: B
You can enable expense auditors to audit expense reports for specific business units by assigning them
specific expense auditor data roles for the business units. For example, to allow an expense auditor
toaudit expense reports for the Vision Operations and Vision Services business units, assign the Expense
Auditor Vision Operations and Expense Auditor Vision Services data roles, respectively, to the expense

4.Your customer has requested a modification to the payment file to meet the acceptable bank standards.
The changes were based on a format of a seeded payment process profile which is already in use. The
only changes made are to the field positions. What two steps can make these changes work?
A. No change in the template is needed as we can achieve this using user-defined validations to move the
positions as required.
B. Keep the payment process profile and leave the format programs unchanged.
C. Copy and modify the existing template to alter the positions as requested by the bank.
D. Create a newpayment process profile and a new format program.
E. Create a new template to make changes as requested by the bank.
F. Oracle Data Integrator or Golden Gate can be used to map the fields as required.
Answer: C,E

5.Which statement is correct if the payment terms entered in the invoice differ from the payment terms on
the purchase order?
A. The purchase order payment term cannot be overridden.
B. The user needs to manually change the payment term on the invoice to match the purchase order
payment term.
C. The user needs to specify which payment term to use.
D. The payment term of the invoice overrides the purchase order payment term.
E. The payment term of the purchase order overrides the invoice payment term.
Answer: D
Payables uses the invoice payment terms to schedule invoice payment.