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試験のタイトル:Oracle Payroll Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials
この試験はR13に対して検証されています。 (この試験の前のバージョンは2017年にR12に対して検証された)

実際のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-969試験問題に対して役に立ちます。
弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-969問題集はあなたが楽に試験に合格することを助けます。
弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-969勉強資料は専門家チームの研究した問題と真題で、高い名誉はたぶり信頼をうけられます。


Payroll Concepts
Describe the cloud HR and cloud payroll person models
Describe legislative data groups
Describe payroll statutory units
Create payroll users and roles
Payroll Definitions

Configure a payroll definition
Extend the payroll calendar
Edit payment dates
Earnings and Deduction Definitions

Create an earnings or deduction element
Explain the behavior of an element
Create element entry business rules
Configure an absence element
Add eligibility rules for an element
Create rules for retroactive changes
Payroll Payment Details

Add company payment details
Explain how to configure a payslip report
Add third-party payment details

Payroll Costing Rules

Describe the levels of a costing hierarchy
Set up a payroll cost allocation flexfield
Configure various types of costing
Perform a transfer to subledger accounting and a posting to GL

Employee Level Payroll Information

Add a standard earnings entry earning or deduction to an employee
Add bank account details for an employee
Enter payroll frequency details for an employee
View payroll absence details for an employee
Explain how to initialize payroll balances
Manage costing for a person

Payroll Flows
Copy a flow pattern
Edit a flow pattern
Define parameters for tasks within a flow pattern
Submit a payroll flow

Calculate, Validate and Correct Payroll Processes

Describe the Payroll Checklist
Verify the results of a payroll run
Correct the payroll run details for an employee
Submit and verify the results of the payment process
Confirm the status of the payroll flow
Verify the results of the costing process
Describe how to reconcile the payroll

Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-969認証試験に参加者に対して30時間ぐらいの短期の育成訓練でらくらくに勉強しているうちに多くの知識を身につけられます。
購入率と弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-969勉強材料の良好な受信がインターネット上で最高です。

1.You have a requirement for not processing an element entry based on a specific condition that will be
evaluated during payroll run. How should you achieve this?
A. You write a skip rule with the condition so that the element is not processed when the condition is
B. You write a calculation formula with the condition so that the element is not processed when the
condition is satisfied.
C. You write a validation formula with the condition so that the element is not processed when the
condition is satisfied.
D. You cannot meet this requirement because once an element entry is created, it will be processed all
the time.
Answer: B

2.Your customer has a business requirement to only allow their employees to create one personal
payment method. How should you configure this within the product?
A. Remove the “Manage Personal Payment Method” privilege from the employee role, so that employees
cannot create personal payment methods.
B. Create a formula to define the maximum number of payment methods allowed, ant attach it to the
payroll user interface configuration user defined table.
C. Create an information element with an input value to store the maximum number of payment methods
D. It is not possible to implement this type of restriction within the application.
Answer: B

3.Your customer is using Fusion Absences and wants to send absence information through to Fusion
Global Payroll so that it can be proceed. Aside from creating your absence elements and an absence plan,
which two steps do you need to complete? (Choose two.)
A. Create an Absence Calculation Card to store the absence details.
B. Create element eligibility for your absence elements.
C. Manually enter the absence units in the employees element entry.
D. Select the “Transfer absence payment Information for payroll processing”Checkbox and attach the
absence element to the absence plan.
Answer: B,D

4.Your customer is running their weekly payroll, which includes a number of high-performing workers, who
will be receiving a bonus. They want these workers to be able to view their payslip two days earlier than
other workers on the weekly payroll.
What action should be taken to meet this requirement?
A. Navigate to the Document of Records (DOR) and override the payslip availability date for the impacted
B. Create a payroll object group for the impacted workers and enter the overriding payslip availability date
when submitting the payroll run.
C. It is not possible to override the payslip availability date for a subset of workers.
D. Using the payroll time definition, override the payslip availability date for the impacted workers.
Answer: B

5.Your customer’s requirement is to pay employees within each of their three business units from a
different bank account. Which three setup steps should you complete? (Choose three.)
A. Write a formula to retrieve the employees business unit details.
B. Create a Default Payer Element with a Payment Criteria input value.
C. Create one organization payment method with three payments sources and define three payment
method rules based on each business unit.
D. Create three organization payment methods each with a different payment source.
Answer: A,B,C