Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-331試験資料を使用すると、簡単に試験に合格するのを助けることができます

試験名称:Oracle Talent Management Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials
対応資格:Oracle Talent Management Cloud 2016 Certified Implementation Specialist
検証済み:試験はOracle Fusion HCM Cloudリリース10で検証されています。
試験価格:CNY 1077
Oracle Talent Management Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials認定1Z0-331試験は、Oracle HCM Cloud Serviceソリューションの販売と実装に関する強力な基盤と専門知識を持つ個人向けに設計されています。
1Z0-331認定試験では、目標、アンケート、パフォーマンス、Fusion Succession PlansとTalent Pools、Talent Reviewなどのトピックを扱います。 最新のトレーニングとフィールド体験をお勧めします。
TestpassportのOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-331問題集を勉強したら、短時間の準備でも楽に試験に合格することができるようになります。
弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-331トレーニング資料を持っており、それをあなたはあなたの素晴らしい計画を達成することができます。
Testpassportが提供した対応性の訓練問題をテストにして初めてOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-331認定試験に参加する受験者の最もよいな選択です。

次に、Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-331試験の一般的な出題内容を示します。 ただし、Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-331試験によっては、ここに示されていない関連分野も出題される場合があります。Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-331試験内容をより適切に反映させ、明確にするために、次のガイドラインは事前の通告なく変更されることがあります。

Add organization goals
Establish worker goals
Configure goals and define worker goal setting objectives
Describe goal management concepts
Configure goal setup options
Manage the goal library
Configure goal plans
Implement worker and organization goals
Configure eligibility criteria

Define questionnaire objectives
Manage questions
Implement questionnaires and templates

Performance Management
Explain performance documents
Set goals and competencies in a performance document
Evaluate goals and competencies
Configure worker performance objectives
Configure performance setup options
Manage performance roles
Build performance template sections
Implement performance document approvals
Configure performance notifications

Succession Plans and Talent Pools
Describe succession management integrations
Create and manage succession plans
Describe talent pools integrations
Create and manage talent pools

Talent Review
Configure talent review dashboard options
Conduct a talent review
Manage talent review data
Review an action plan
Perform talent search and profile comparisons

弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-331勉強材料はIT認定試験の準備に使用することができるだけでなく、自分のスキルを向上させるためのツールとして使えることもできます。
弊社のOracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-331試験資料を使用すると、簡単に試験に合格するのを助けることができます。
Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud 1Z0-331無料サンプルを使って、お客様がもっと自信があります。

1.Which two statements regarding candidate readiness are true?
A. Candidates can havedifferent readiness level ratings for each plan on which they are candidates.
B. You can select the candidate readiness so that it displays on the succession plan and in the analytics to
compare candidates.
C. Readiness is specific to each succession planand feeds the readiness on the worker profile.
D. The readiness level for succession plans is the same as the Advancement Readiness selection on the
Career Planning portrait card.
Answer: A,B

2.You need to mass-assign goals that exist in the goal library.
The requirements are as follows:
– Performance goals A1, A2, and A3 should be assigned to Manager 1’s direct reports.
– Development goals B1, B2, and B3 should be assigned to Manager 2’s direct reports.
Which option accomplished these requirements?
A. Manager 1 and Manager 2 shares goals A1, A2, and A3 and B1, B2, and B3 withdirect reports,
B. The organization owner should add goals A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, and B3 so they can be accessible as
organization goals.
C. The HR Specialist selects goals from the goal library, and then assigns them to the appropriate
D. Manager 1 adds goals A1, A2, and A3 and Manager 2 adds goals B1, B2, and B3 to their direct reports’
performance documents.
Answer: D

3.Your client has 10 different vice-president jobs that are expected to have a high turnover rate. The client
informs you that these jobs have identical or nearly identical skill sets. You are tasked with creating a
succession plan, which has maximum plan strength.
Which two tasks should be carried out to fulfill your client’s requirements?
A. Selectand add a limited number of internal candidates.
B. Use the Job or Position plan type.
C. Use the Incumbent plan type.
D. Select and add a large number of candidates.
Answer: A,B